Hygeia H1 Clinical Kiosk Hopes to Speed Patients Through Vitals Measurements

Hygeia H1 Clinical Kiosk

The Hygeia Health Station™ is the best and most affordable way to turn any private room into a doctor’s office. The Hygeia Health Station™ increases adoption and utilization of telemedicine by leveraging peripherals and POC testing. The system also integrates with common EMRs allowing for continuity of care.


Why Aren’t More Patients Using Telemedicine?

Today on Destination HealthEU, guest writer Dr. Angela Fusaro discusses telemedicine, the benefits and reasons why it isn’t more widespread.

 “The global telemedicine market is expected to reach $36.3B by 2020, and while the number of patients using telemedicine services is rising (will increase to 7 million in 2018, up from less than 350,000 in 2013), only about 2% of the US population has ever tried it. So why aren’t more patients using telemedicine?”