Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Medicine

Course summary

In this course, 2nd year medical students learn about tech startups, which have transformed our lives and hopefully will also improve patient care.

Software is eating the world. Recently, the tech world has set its sights on healthcare. Advances in cloud computing, smartphones, genomics, wearable sensors, etc. have enabled new interactions between computer science / engineering and medicine. This union is called “digital health”. New technologies plus a national shift to value-based-care has incentivized startups to improve healthcare.

We envision a future where clinicians collaborate with technologists, patients, funders, and other stakeholders to advance patient care through technology innovation and entrepreneurship. However, opportunities for clinicans in tech are difficult to pursue due to a lack of exposure, cultural misalignment, and geographic barriers. Our goal is to infuse some Silicon Valley spirit into medicine.

Learning Objectives

  1.   Assess a startup using the business model canvas as a framework.
  2.   Learn about healthcare economics and reimbursement.
  3.   Appreciate how behavioral economics assesses decision-making.
  4.   Review advances in digital health and health IT.
  5.   Survey accelerators, incubators, and other startup resources.
  6.   Learn about patents and IP fundamentals.
  7.   Understand fundamentals of startup investing (angel, seed, & VC).
  8.   Meet like-minded students, clinicians, engineers, and founders.
  9.   Learn how academic clinicians collaborate with the tech industry.


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