Healthcare Leader and Innovator

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Co-Founder of Insight to Innovation


In this workshop, participants are led through the processes of constructing a needs assessment, performing a market analysis including competitive landscape and investigating regulatory considerations and intellectual property. These group activities are interspersed with short lectures from subject matter experts with industry experience. By the end of this full-day workshop, participants should be able to take clinical insight and transform them into marketable products.

Course Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Medicine

In this course, 2nd year medical students at Emory University School of Medicine learn about tech startups which have transformed our lives and improved patient care.

New technologies plus a national shift to value-based-care have incentivized startups to improve healthcare. We envision a future where clinicians collaborate with technologists, patients, funders, and other stakeholders to advance patient care through technology innovation and entrepreneurship. However, opportunities for clinicians in tech are difficult to pursue due to a lack of exposure, cultural misalignment, and geographic barriers. The primary goal is to expose clinicians to collaborative opportunities in the tech industry at a malleable stage in their career. Other learning objectives include:

  1.   Assess a startup using the business model canvas as a framework.
  2.   Learn about healthcare economics and reimbursement.
  3.   Appreciate how behavioral economics assesses decision-making.
  4.   Review advances in digital health and health IT.
  5.   Survey accelerators, incubators, and other startup resources.
  6.   Learn about patents and intellectual property fundamentals.
  7.   Understand fundamentals of startup investing (angel, seed, & VC).
  8.   Meet like-minded students, clinicians, engineers, and founders.


Founder and Course Director of Healthcare Innovation

In this course, 4th year medical students at Emory University School of Medicine gain practical experience in designing a product or process to address a focused unmet need in healthcare. The course is hands-on and requires students to conduct various types of customer discovery (direct interactions with potential consumers via ethnology, observation and interviews/surveys of patients and providers), literature search and market analysis of competitors and discussion with experts from collaborative fields (e.g. engineering, information technology, product development and business). At the end of the course, teams will be pitch-ready and positioned to pursue a capital raise.